Village Mama Meanderings

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”
~ Anita Desai

to move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction.
To speak or write in sustained fashion on a number of loosely connected topics.
A portion, side trip, or episode in a longer journey. To wind or turn in a course or passage.
An act of wandering in a leisurely or aimless manner.


S.E. encompasses a plethora of everything that is dear to me. It is a quaint little village of ideas that have brought rhythm, beauty and flow into my life. As with anything, I’ve learned and borrowed from others, soaking up what works for myself and my family while graciously setting aside the things that don’t. No one person is perfect, nor is any ideology, religion or system. We are wise individuals with different needs and personalities, ethnicity and history, a beautiful tapestry to share with flexibility.

This is my hearth, my haven to creatively write with freedom without the stress of making sure that things are ‘right’ or wondering where to put them. It is a space to express myself, my meanderings of whatever comes to mind in the moment when it touches me. There is no rhyme or reason, no right or wrong. This is the home of my reflections, introspection, opinions and memories. There will be twists and turns, with or without direction of the objects, places and people who have shaped me, provided nosh for my soul and lit the embers of inspiring aspirations on this winding road of life.

You are welcome to peruse and be amused, to contemplate or to relate. I’m an open book with each chapter written in color or shadow and characters to love or dismiss and images that will make your heart swell or crack. Remember, there is always beauty amidst chaos, you just need to seek it.