In the month of October and the first week of November, there are a few holidays that we celebrate which tend to delve into ‘the darkness’ of the human and spiritual world. For some of us, there is an inviting opportunity to explore the realm of the unknown and for others, there is a cold chill of fear that runs up our spines screaming at us to avoid or deny it.

When people think of Halloween and their experiences as a child, the images of scary witches, pumpkins, ghastly ghosts, and sweet candy are conjured up in their minds with both fright & delight! Our imaginations reach an all-time peak to CREATE…doing so with costume and stories, which can be simple or elaborate.

Historically and traditionally, these holidays have continued to be celebrated by religions and families through the ages with varying degrees of embellishment to each one as to what is truth or myth. What lies behind, presently and before us is an honoring of our ancestors.

Here are a few links to sites, videos, and individuals of whom I feel captures what resonates with me as endearing, enlightening, entertaining and informative: ENJOY!
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