Spirit is derived from the Old French espirit which comes from the Latin word spiritus (soul, courage, vigor, breath) and is related to spirare (to breathe).


“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
~John Muir


“Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit.” ~Jeremy Taylor


“The earth is my altar, the sky is my dome, mind is my garden, the heart is my home and I’m always at home – yea, I’m always at Om.” ~Eden Ahbez


“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


Breathe it in and savor it

I believe in being open to a multitude of ways for nourishing our souls. Spirituality means something different to each of us. Formal definitions of being ‘spiritual’ seema to me to lack any sense of the feelings that arise when we are in that actual state of BEing so I shall give my own personal experience of what Spirit means. Our spirit, is the space within ourselves that feels like a twin who knows every thought and feeling that we have. It’s the familiar voice that resides within us, usually without using words, letting us know that we are right where we need to be, in that moment or directs us on another path. It’s in your gut. Your intuition. Your conscience. It is clarity. When our senses are heightened, a marriage of gravity is created. We feel grounded with assurance within and yet also feel as if we are floating above. We see ourselves moving beyond the norm of every day life and tingle with excitement because we know that we have reached the epitome of what ‘harmonious balance’ is ~ ethereal, peaceful & joyous = SPIRIT.

What does Spirit mean to you?

When is it that you become so close to tears with the feelings of elation and relief, of being one with that place, action or thing and gives you a sense of reunion with your truest self…a connection with love other than another person?

Nature ~ when you are outside with the trees, the animals, the wind and the earth.
Meditation ~ the silence, the chants, the incense and the tingling of energy from elsewhere without seeing.

Breathe it in & Savor it

Altar ~ honoring a lost loved one, a memory, a cherished item and ritual.
Religion ~ community of similar beliefs & values: Jewish, Christian, Wicca, etc.

Spirit Dwellings

Into the Darkness

In the month of October and the first week of November, there are a few holidays that we celebrate which tend to delve into ‘the darkness’ of the human and spiritual world. For some of us, there is an inviting opportunity to explore the realm of the unknown and for others, there is a cold chill of fear that runs up our spines screaming at us to avoid or deny it.

When people think of Halloween and their experiences as a child, the images of scary witches, pumpkins, ghastly ghosts and sweet candy are conjured up in their minds with both fright & delight! Our imaginations reach an all time peak to CREATE…doing so with costume and stories, which can be simple or elaborate.

Historically and traditionally, these holidays have continued to be celebrated by religions and families through the ages with varying degrees of embellishment to each one as to what is truth or myth. What lies behind, presently and before us is an honoring of our ancestors.

Here are a few links to sites, videos and individuals of whom I feel captures what resonates with me as endearing, enlightening, entertaining and informative : ENJOY!

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