“Every person deserves a sanctuary of beauty and reflection.”
~ Dawn Renée

“Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy.” ~ Erik Adigard

Nouveau heart shape

Rooms with a View

Regardless of which area that you are reinventing or organizing, make sure there are simple elements of eloquence and unique items of interest.

Examples of this are:
 soft light that illuminates objects above or below it, 
a small trio of similar items placed together, 
shapely pieces of pottery, 
handmade artwork in a chiseled frame, 
a vintage throw on the arm of a chair.


All of us strive for balance. We not only push ourselves but also put pressure on those around us, to find the answers. We accumulate things. We purchase an assortment of containers to hold all of the items, spontaneously reach for packages of comfort foods and go over budget on supplies or objects that we think we *need* for an event that’s coming up. There aren’t any intentional thoughts going into our actions.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as creating SPACE. A room to breathe. A place to contemplate, without stress. We look around and what do we see? What do we feel? Is it a suffocating acknowledgment of ‘stuff’ that we accumulated in an attempt to ground ourselves? We are overcompensating in our search for clarity and calm!

Where do we start? How do we get to the center of becoming the individual, family and business model of confidence and style? It takes looking at your life through a different lens. Look at the cluttered chaos of your surroundings and your life. Where do you go to ESCAPE? Is there a memory of another time or place that your mind runs to? Is there an item that you always have to touch, smell or find yourself gazing at?

You are leaning into the beauty within the chaos! Grab hold of *that* ~ Bring MORE of those elements into your environment. All you need is the guidance and direction on how to attain the simplicities of enrichment.


— in your work environment, the events you are planning and your home! You will find purpose, renewal and style. Let’s work on this, together. You are unique and you may have lost your sense of identity for a bit but it’s in you, finding it is what we need to do.


this is a process. It’ll take being mindful and intentional to make the visions of your space fruitful with beautiful tidbits of your soulful ideas. The result? There will be tears, smiles and ROOM created for you to just BE ~ authenticity. Remember, I’m a vision weaver. Let’s create yours together.