The Creative Lair

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”
~Albert Einstein



a wild animal’s resting place, especially one that is well hidden.
1 the lair of a large python: den, burrow, hole, tunnel, cave.
2 a villain’s lair: hideout, hiding place, hideaway, refuge, sanctuary, haven, shelter, retreat.
• a secret or private place in which a person seeks concealment or seclusion.

dress or behave in a flashy manner: some of us laired up in Assam silk suits.

Welcome to The Creative Lair!

This space is where I display the curious nature and process of creativity. Naming this room “the lair” deemed appropriate due to the definition of the word, which exemplifies the characteristics of not only humans but animals and our natural world in its truest form! There is an unyielding trove of beautiful treasures amidst the chaos of every day life that aren’t hidden from us when we notice the nuanced hues of joy that an object imbues in our minds and hearts. They are in front of us, beneath our toes or above our heads ~ like the clouds in the skies, there are pictures and art forms if we are open to seeing them. Let yourself be inspired by the people, the earth, the animals, the colors, textures and found items that surround you.

We are all creatives. We just need a morsel & a nudge to discover what medium(s) or forms of expression that we feel freedom to immerse ourselves in. Some of us exude an explosion of ideas that we eagerly and exuberantly display to the beat of a loud drum without hesitation while others work better in solitude surrounded by softness and early morning light. Just like a seed that is embedded in the haven of enriching soil to encourage it to thrive within a colorful garden, Creativity needs to be nurtured and tended to in order for it to evolve and blossom within you. Our very nature of being human is to be wild, curious, proud, vulnerable, inquisitive, emotional, resourceful and inventive! Grab some tea or a glass of wine, light a candle or incense, put on some tunes, paintbrush in hand or some wire and be inspired in The Lair…


This young creative artist wears her love of color with complete confidence and does it beautifully with the encouragement of an awesome mama who believes in freedom of expression! It is in these simple acts of listening to our soul whispers that bring us joy…

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

I wish I had these in my own abode with the Fall season now upon us, so lovely!

All featured on Colossal

Tiles by Rachel Dein

Fossils from Everyday Life: Plaster Cast Plant Tiles by Rachel Dein

Michelle Mckinney

Ethereal Woven Metal Leaf and Seed Installations by Michelle Mckinney

Self-Taught Artist Mr. Finch

Vintage Textiles Transformed Into Flora and Fauna by Self-Taught Artist Mr. Finch