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“Go be a beginner at something and feel
the absolute freedom at sucking at it.”
~ Carrie Bloomston

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As children, every single one of us thrived at being curious and adventurous. We smiled at the thought of trying something new, colorful ideas that filled our imaginations and the rebellious flutter of venturing out. Children choose unknown paths to wander about with wonderment. More often than not, when a child fumbles or has a mishap, they giggle. A child doesn’t necessarily see limitations or borders until someone points them out — the adults. We have a tendency to label and judge those limitations, creating a fissure & invisible tattoo upon the child that shapes or dictates every move within their bones of how they live. We, become that child.

I’m sure you have memories of when you felt the freedom of a firefly shining your bright light and dancing into the night, when you took a paint brush and created the scene in your mind that you could walk into or while smelling the wildflowers you just knew that the ribbon of colors that their scents were exuding into the air was a real language that they were sending into the atmosphere, to the world. Do you miss that magical innocence? Well, guess what? You can find that again. Set up a date to have a reunion with your Self. Your soul whispers to you and yearns to reconnect with your essence of whom they were born from.

This is the space where I introduce you to some individuals who have done that, they listened to the whispers and respected their inner voice’s yearnings to explore. It’s also the place where I have some fun of my own and maybe even suck at my attempts…I’m doing it though, I’m diving into my creative endeavors and remembering what it feels like to be free, to just BE. Try it!

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder,
spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit”
~ E.E. Cummings

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Creative Cats

Jen Lashua

Jen Lashua

Jen lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont with her family and four small children. She began painting over 15 years ago. Her body of work includes many mediums and forms: Chinese Brushstroke with Sumi Ink, Watercolor, Chinese Characters, Calligraphy, Intuitive Painting and Color Energetics. Jen enjoys creating vibrant and bold pieces of work. She has a passion for inspirational art and sharing it with others. She is a certified color-aroma therapist bringing color energetics into her work. Jen is also a certified yoga instructor.

Kyra Dosch-Klemer

Kyra Dosch-Klemer

Kyra is a passionate and experienced website and print designer. She loves to take your vision, run with it, and tell your visual story. She strives to design with purpose and with integrity. In her print work, she endeavors to bring texture and elegance to life on paper. On the web and in print she creates a story that engages and that seeks to trigger emotion in the viewer.

When she’s not designing you can find her playing with her super cool daughter, enjoying art with her husband, doing yoga, hiking, creating, and capturing the extraordinary that can be found in everything.

Ashleigh Holmes

Ashleigh Holmes

As a student, environmental enthusiast, enjoyer, and attributor, my art reflects everything that happens when the world around your ears falls away. A tick of a clock is suddenly heard, wind outside is picked up like a violin carrying a tune across a room, colors brighten as if the beginning of spring. In my art, I paint, write, draw, and leave bits of memory inside them. Each stroke has a coupled phrase or note with it, each is unique to its own. I use a variation of paints such as acrylic and oil, watercolor, and I draw with ink. I have loved the Earth and the ability it gives to abundance for my inspiration since I can remember, and the hope in my work is to bring the light to eyes of all ages. A gift I bring, is brought only by nature.

Ashleigh is an undergraduate student at Colorado State University in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Behavioral Studies.

Ashleigh can be reached at
Ashleighholmes92 at gmail