Sassafras albidumWelcome to my lair, the living space that expands past the four walls that my family resides within! This is Sassafras Elements. It is where I marry the chaos of life with the beauty that sashays within the simplistic nuances of our days. The Sassafras tree epitomizes the qualities of how I want to be remembered and yearn to be of service to the world. My aspiration for this site is to provide sustenance for the senses and a haven for the heart. We are the roots that create a solid foundation for the future. When we allow ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our labor, the contentment that we receive becomes a cyclical natural rhythm of nourishment that exudes from us like pollen blowing into the wind. This byproduct of intentional living creates the fresh flowing oxygen that allows us to breathe with ease. Paying attention to the gorgeous colors of life and the essence of generating joy is contagious. My hope is that Sassafras will be the door that you look forward to opening, lingering within the spaces and finding comfort in the elements. Let’s dwell here together!