Here it is, the first week of the new year and it’s always filled with such high emotions that we end up feeling exhausted after a few months of holiday hype. There’s this anticipation that builds up for us due to the reflections of yesteryear or the unnecessary expectations and scenarios that we keep replaying in our minds. We’re either bouncing off of the walls displaying huge smiles upon our faces as memories of cheer pop up from our childhood or we’re doing the opposite of that — you know, the dreaded woe of what’s to come when we are in the same room with extended family or when the bank account dwindles. You can see it in the community as you walk through the stores…jovial glow with zestful energy or depressed drag of the feet and emotionless. We’ve all been there and trust me, however it is that you feel during the chaotic holiday bustle, it’s normal and it’s acceptable. ANYTHING can trigger us into a diabolical frenzy or meltdown!

I too, have witnessed and owned each of these reactions. When I am IN them, I try not to judge myself and when I am around others who are IN them, I don’t judge. Why? I’ll tell you. Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we’ve gone to ‘the Superstore’ for decorations and gifts or that we actually made some of those decorations and presents with our hands. Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we bought that prepackaged food dish or that we spent hours creating a masterpiece from scratch. Sometimes money is flowing and we can indulge a tad more or we are on a tight budget, our cupboards bare and on the brink of bankruptcy. Listen people, your not alone. Your presence IS a present, to all who love you and value your existence, regardless of where your mind frame is in the moment. It’s okay. None of this makes you a horrible mom, dad, consumer, role model, friend, citizen, in-law or quality human being. Everything in moderation. Admit when you’ve misinterpreted something, when you are stressed out or feeling ‘off’ and then FORGIVE…Your Self and those who have most likely hurt you without intention of doing so. Breathe. Do it again and then let that breath out slowly while you say to yourself, “I am here. I am a gift.” There is beauty in the way that we nurture others and scientific proof of the validity that using positive language (affirmations or mantras) to soothe, can truly change your mind & body physically = creating a healing affect or dis-ease. Read more here.

I created Breathe in the Good Mantras to do just that, create beauty on the inside of our bodies first, before we tackle any of the chaotic turmoil or messes in our environments. When you are feeling overwhelmed, whatever the reason may be, I want you to have a mantra or affirmation to remind you of the goodness that you are blessed with. Envision these mantras as soft velvet blankets that wrap you up in comfort or imagine them as ninja warriors you can call upon to give you strength when you need them. Some of these will resonate with you and be the salve of what is ailing you while others may not. I assure you, at some point you will find yourself reflecting and you’ll remember that one mantra that you may have dismissed at another time. I hope these mantras will do that for you. Remember to ‘breathe in the good’ of not only who you are but also of the goodness and beauty that surrounds you. Go easy on yourself. Don’t judge. Be kind. Only be patient, love and honor yourself while also doing so for those souls that are either lovin’ or hatin’ life right now. We’re all human. We all have good days and not so great days. Sometimes we’ve got it together and other times we feel like we’re losing our sh*t. Don’t judge. Breathe in the Good, even if it means that you’re doing it for someone else when they can’t do it for themselves at the moment. We’re all doing the best that we can, when we can.

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Breathe it in,
~ Dawn Renée