Today marks the day that I surrender to my vulnerabilities and learn to fly. ~ Dawn Renée

Feathers to SoarThis is the first day of becoming a blogger. It’s something that I’ve longed to do ever since I was a child, to write. As an adult, I’ve never felt ‘good enough’ to wear the title of *a writer* always comparing myself to other individuals who have honored their gifts of expression with either degrees, websites or published books. I haven’t had the courage to put my soul’s song in writing for the world to hear. It’s too personal. So many of us struggle with insecurities about our skill level, our worth and how we are perceived by others in this world. It is damaging to our spirit and those who we surround ourselves with, to live a life filled to the brim with fear or shameful accusations of inadequacy that we place upon ourselves. We raise our communities, our families and our friends up high, telling them that they can fly, with outstretched gorgeous wings of strength that we witness daily. We yearn for individuals to recognize that their plumage is unique, that it has radiant beauty and purpose. Those colorful wings of others, innately born with quills of skill to navigate their environment, teach their young how to soar, protect themselves from nature’s elements and to wrap themselves up in quiet comfort. These wings perch in the grand trees and also take them soaring above as they seek flow with the currents, creating a rhythm in flight. We don’t recognize that we also have unique feathers that can do the same basic acts of flying with freedom. No two feathers are exact and yet they still perform the same intriguing feats of nurturing and nesting. Birds notice beautiful details in the environments around them to provide an additional element of creativity to their nests, they’re intrigued by a variety of colors & textures to either peak their curiosity or their palate and they roost until the urge to soar overwhelms strikes their bones. Remember this. Believe in your loveliness. Reclaim your strength. Trust your instincts. You too, can fly. That first step off of the branch, our tree of life, is an exhilarating and terrifying one. Our nature is to explore and to discover. We were born with beating hearts, curious minds and a wonderment of the little things in this world for reason. We seek and soak up the rhythms of nature’s beautiful music within the chaos…noticing the melodic tunes from the birds, the swish of leaves in the trees or the booming beat of thunder in the skies to distract us from the busyness of our world. Practice makes progress. No one is perfect. Every bird, starts off as a trembling chick without direction, shaky legs and clumsiness. Then one day, after a few attempts, paying attention to the elements and to what the other birds are doing, it opens its wings and takes a dive. Breathe in the GOODness of who you are and know that we are birds of a feather. I can help you to see the beauty amidst the chaos in your nest, find rhythm in the currents of life and reclaim your space so that you can take a deep breath of freshness that you thought you lost in your heart and home. Breathe It In, ~ Dawn Renée