“The applause was so loud and insistent that I had to respond with several encores. I was numb with happiness, when it was over, I knew that this alone must be my life and my world.”
~Leni Riefenstahl

Nouveau Divider


Dawn’s world is so creative, colorful, and full of love that all she touches turns to gold! I’ve been continually impressed throughout the years by her artistry and love of life, art, food, and people.

Angelique Miller

Co-Founder and Executive Chef , Baagan Cafe

Dawn has helped me grow as a person in so many ways. Her knack for seeing beauty in the ordinary is contagious. She has taught me to focus on what I love. I see how colors, objects, food, wine, quiet spaces, thoughts, and the people I surround myself with, all contribute to my life experience. Knowing her has inspired me to seek out more passion, fun and contentment through real self examination of what I love, which in turn has made me more intentional with my physical and mental spaces.

Lisa Watrous

Proud Homeowner and Teacher, Fort Collins, CO

Dawn has an innate, inborn sense of style and has brought her talent to decorating rooms in my home and creating beautiful outdoor spaces for events at our farm. She will gently guide you to clear your space, find your vision and create a room, space or home that meets your heart’s desire.

Rosemary Jedell Graff

Manager/Owner, Laughing Buck Farm

I often have ANTS in my head. They are Automatic Negative Thoughts that linger around inside my head, taking up space and creating havoc in my thought process. I lose perspective and often cannot find a way out. The length of time I will stay there depends entirely on how long it takes for me to reach out and connect with someone who possesses inner strength, great wisdom and innate knowledge; my friend Dawn. She carries a charismatic spirit that radiates positive energy throughout every fiber of her being. Her intuition is phenomenal and proves to be extremely inspirational. She is able to expand my own inner thought process which allows me to perceive things in a new reality. She emits positive energy and encourages me to take in the goodness of every situation. Her words penetrate my soul which enable me to want to become a better person. I always take away something profound after listening to Dawn, which makes me wonder why I don’t do it often enough.

Thanks for being so “positively inspiring” ~ with the work that I do, it tends to be somewhat exhausting though thoroughly rewarding. You help to keep me grounded, both emotionally and mentally so that I may be the best that I can be for the kiddos that I love so dearly.

Lisa Wilson

Special Ed Teacher